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JOSIAH'S PLACE Coffeehouse

A Christian Coffee House Ministry

1175 Madison Road

Beloit, WI 53512-1075



Ministry e-mail:   ofctlc (at) overflowingcup (dot) org   
Booking e-mail:   booking (at) overflowingcup (dot) org 

Welcome to the website for The Overflowing Cup Total Life Center (hailed by some as the best kept secret in the Stateline Area).
The Overflowing Cup is a ministry that was started over four decades ago by Dave and Pat Fogderud with a mission of outreach to the people in Beloit, WI and serves an area that reaches Madison, and Southern Wisconsin to Rockford, and Northern Illinois. And now, with the advent of this website, we can reach out to people worldwide and share the grace and love of Jesus Christ, and the powerful, life-changing message of the Gospel.

The Overflowing Cup ministry operates JOSIAH'S PLACE coffeehouse in Beloit. The purpose of this website is to tell what this ministry is all about and to show what goes on at the coffeehouse. Using the hyperlinks on the side of the page, you will meet some of the people that make this ministry what it is (click on "STAFF") and what goes on during any given night (click on "WEEKLY EVENTS") Also included is a copy of the current calendar (click on the "CALENDAR" link) so that you always know who will be playing at the Cup soon.

If this is your first time here and want to know what we are all about, click on the "ABOUT US" link. The "HISTORY" link will take you to a page that tells the story of The Overflowing Cup. And we always encourage feedback. Click on the "CONTACT US" link to tell us what you think of the ministry and the website.


This photo is courtesy of our friends in InTune. (Rockin at a past concert)


The ministry of The Overflowing Cup and the staff at Josiah's Place coffeehouse remember those whose lives were cut short from the attacks on our country September 11th, and our elected officials who are charged with keeping our nation secure are in our thought and prayers. While we pray for the families and friends of lives lost, we are also reminded that we are asked by Jesus Himself that we also pray for our enemies and the enemies of Christianity. Remember, it's important to pray for them and their followers as well. You may think this to be an odd way to react, and that praying will not make them change. But just think: the early Christians thought the same things about Saul of Tarsus. Read Acts 9: 1-19.
The Overflowing Cup Total Life Center
1175 Madison Road
PO Box 1075
Beloit, WI 53512-1075
Phone: (608) 365-0365

"What the World Needs is Jesus!"

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