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Concert Calendar

*** All concerts start at 7 pm and are held at 1175 Madison Road (Beloit)
UNLESS otherwise noted ***

-------  February 2008  -------
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February 01, 2008  –  .

February 08, 2008  –  .

February 15, 2008  –  .

February 22, 2008  –  .

February 29, 2008  –  Rex Lex From Madison, WI – This will be their first time at the Cup, so I can't say much, but from the looks of it, this will be a really different night. I'd guess that if you are under 25, you'll really want to be here! I stole this copy from their myspace: Blah, blah, blah. You've heard the music – music speaks for itself. What do you think? Someone once said: "One thing about music – when it hits you feel no pain." You love Rex Lex music and so do you. Music aside, the potently-charismatic members of this crew instinctively generate atomic levels of NRG from the stage, and the experienced know that it is far from unusual to see spectators of all ages and backgrounds plunging headfirst into the fun. Some people are born to entertain, and the members of Rex Lex are faithful stewards of their calling. Finally, beyond both music and performance, the Rex Lex boyz have something to say. No one gets through a Rex Lex show without knowing what's on their minds – this, of course, is what it's all about. Band bio done. So come out and see what Rex Lex is all about.
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