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Concert Calendar

*** All concerts start at 7 pm and are held at 1175 Madison Road (Beloit)
UNLESS otherwise noted ***

-------  May 1977  -------
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May 06, 1977  –  Sonship A girl playing a guitar & a guy on a synthesizer with a beautiful message.

May 07, 1977  –  Ron Langley For an earful of lively Folk Music. Come listen to Ron on guitar & Jerry Westbrooke on the Mandelin.

May 13, 1977  –  Fred Walker A great guy formerly from Sunshine Circle, now doing solo work. (He also has an album out.)

May 14, 1977  –  Ed Drake From Chicago, IL – He's here from Chicago with his guitar & piano. Everyone will totally enjoy this night. (He also has made an album)

May 20, 1977  –  Jeff & Gloria They are here to do their presentation of the Apostle Paul. They sing & act to a wonderfully orchestrated sound track.

May 21, 1977  –  Dennis Meixsell From the Jesus Barn. He plays songs sung by other singers & also writes his own.

May 27, 1977  –  Suncast From Dayton, OH – They come with 2 acoustic guitars & 1 bass. You're in for a treat, bring a friend.

May 28, 1977  –  Open Night Bring your talent & your testimony to share with us.

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