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The Life and Legacy of Pat Fogderud


         Of everyone who knew Pat, it can truly be said that she impacted our lives in a way that few people do.  Her strength and character was remarkable even to the very end of her life.  She suffered much pain throughout her years in a physical sense due to her illness and in an emotional sense due to the loss of loved ones.  But let it be said that she was determined to take the obstacles thrown  her way as opportunities to reveal the glory and power of God.  One of Pat’s most important roles was that of a teacher.  She taught so many of us so much, and often without words.  Pat will probably most be remembered for her genuine effort and  diligence to help those less fortunate.  She had a sincere desire to help people make better choices and enjoy a richer, fuller life.  Her wisdom and counsel provided many with the tools necessary to bring about real change in their circumstances.


         In closing, the family would like to publicly thank all the concerned, loving people who have added so much to our lives and helped to ease the pain that we have gone through.  Most of all, we are grateful to God for allowing us to have such a gift as we were given in the life of Pat Fogderud.

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